Prom Flowers

Prom 2021 ***PLEASE READ*** This year we are going to need to approach Prom orders in a different way. For months now we have been dealing with supply shortages. Now we are experiencing severe flower shortages as well. We don't know if the flowers we pre-order will show up in the colors we requested or if the farms will need to make substitutions or cancel our order altogether. So we will only be offering designer's choice options in a limited color palette that we feel confident we can source flowers for successfully. No specific flowers can be ordered this year. No custom-made corsages or boutonnieres will be available. We may need to limit the number of orders we can take, so please order as soon as you can. This is not our ideal situation either, but with limited staff, reduced hours, and an uncertain flower supply chain, this is the only way we can still offer prom flowers. Thank you for understanding.

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