Garden of Love Planter

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Our Garden of Love planter is one of our large dish gardens of lush indoor plants. This living gift is perfect to place on the floor beside a favorite chair or table. Because our containers and house plants change weekly, your planter may look different from the one shown here. We only select easy-to-care-for house plants for these dish gardens so that the recipient has a better chance of success in keeping their plants alive. The approximate sizing for our large dish gardens is 28" tall by 28" wide. some may be taller depending on the types of plants used and the time of year.

If you are trying to choose between a planter and cut flowers, here are some of our observations to help you decide. Dish gardens also known as planters emphasize textural contrast and subtle differences in shades of green between the mixed grouping of plants. Even our boss can keep a dish garden alive for a year, so if a long-lasting gift is what is most important to you, pick one of our beautiful planter options. However, if the overall size is the most important factor a fresh flower arrangement generally is larger than a planter at the same price point. If you have a bright and colorful gift in mind, then we recommend a fresh flower arrangement instead of a planter.

Remember when watering your plants, less is better. The majority of struggling plant parents are over-watering their babies. Once a week is often enough to water your plants. If you are a heavy-handed waterer like the boss, then every other week is best.

Substitution Policy

We are committed to delivering your gift on time and as fresh and beautiful as possible.

Due to nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers, it is sometimes necessary to make substitutions of equal or greater value. We reserve the right to substitute vases and baskets.

Garden of Love Planter

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