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Poinsettias aren't just red any more


Did you know that poinsettia come in a large variety of colors and styles? We find that our customers here in Northeast Ohio tend to prefer the traditional red poinsettia but I always try to buy a few of the newer varieties. How will anyone learn to like other varieties if they never see them? So here are the varieties we are trying this year. Tell me what you think.

Jingle Bells



This is probably my favorite and we get a few every year. I love the golden yellow speckles on the bright red leaves, I mean bracts.


White Poinsettia



I will be honest, this is usually my least favorite color. The 'white' is more often a pale yellow color and not white at all. This means that people are often disappointed because they were expecting a true white, like you get with silk poinsettias. However this year, the variety we received is this is as white as I have ever seen. So I highly recommend ordering one of these and getting it early before we run out.




The Cinnamon variety of poinsettia has peachy colored bracts that seem to have a touch of burgundy that gets darker at the edges. I particularly like this variety with dusky gray/green house plants. Soft peach has been a popular wedding color for the past few years and we have seen peach replace bright orange as a Fall staple color. So I predict Cinnamon will do well in years to come.




Both mauve and blush have been on-trend wedding colors for many years but I think the pink poinsettia we have is more of a Victorian pink. While I don't know many people who use pink as part of their Christmas decorating scheme, I know lots of people who adore pink. This pink poinsettia pairs well with white and Fuschia Christmas cactus. This might make a great December birthday gift that isn't truly Christmassy a word?



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