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Easy to understand Poinsettia Care


Here in Northeast Ohio Poinsettias are an indoor plant during the holidays. This native of Mexico doesn't like our cold Ohio winters or our dry winter homes. So here are some tips to keep these bright holiday plants happy and healthy now through New Year's Day and longer.



  • Poinsettias do not like their soil to dry out completely, so water thoroughly 
  • Water thoroughly and remember to pour off excess water so the plant does get root rot
  • Humidity is welcome by your poinsettia, so if you don't have a humidifier group it with other plants
  • Keep poinsettias away from drafty, cold windows
  • Poinsettia leaves that contact cold windows may drop 
  • Poinsettias do well in temperatures 65-70 degrees
  • Remember that poinsettia are tropical plants and like bright light

Poinsettia can last for months or years with proper care so there is no need to wait until December 23rd to bring one home or send one to a friend.




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