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Are poinsettia poisonous for pets


Are Poinsettias Poisonous to pets?? 


We must get asked this question at least once a day during the holiday season so I wanted to get the facts straight for myself, my staff and for you, our customers. My thought process was to go to the most credible source Pet Poison Hotline seemed a good place to start.

Most people believe that poinsettia is deadly to pets but that is rarely true. According to the experts at the Hotline, poinsettias are only mildly toxic to cats and dogs. The milky sap on the poinsettia that you notice when leaves or stems are broken contains chemicals that are similar to those found in detergents. That sap will cause irritations in your pet’s mouth and throat. Your pet would have to eat a large amount of the plant in relation to the size of your pet to cause poisoning. Because the sap causes irritations in the mouth, most pets won’t eat enough to cause more than drooling, nausea, or vomiting. Small pets are the most at risk for poisoning, so keep an eye on those Christmas puppies and kittens.

Photo by Jakob Owens

Dr. Jerry Klein, CVO who works closely with the American Kennel Club says because of the low toxicity level of poinsettias you should feel free to use them in your house. Just keep them away from your pets as best you can to avoid the irritations. However, he cautions to never leave pets unattended around plants, decorations, or food. Better safe than sorry with our fur babies especially kittens and puppies who are most at risk for severe reactions.

Below Is a link to Dr. Klein’s video on holiday risks for dogs.

 Holiday health hazards for pets

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